Being on the market for more than 27 years makes us as a mature, reliable partner for long term win-win businesses.


More than 27 years of mutual respect with our business partners

Corio was found in 1992 by Miss Coroiu and her son in the old beautiful town Brasov. Willing to become one of the main suppliers of wood treatment and accesories for the wood processing industry. Not only that we've succeeded, but our business philosophy and customer orientated attitude enabled us to expand also in the software, logistics and retail industries including drop shipping services.


We activate in several industries like software, retail, drop shipping, transport and logistics

Our pride, Quantum ERP is the most advanced and affordable software solution to control and organize a factory, from marketing to production it covers all the important sectors.

Our first eCommerce major project helped us to reach over 1000 online stores almost instantly being the only drop shipper in Romania able to supply more than 200.000 SKUs from 20 different categories.

Pallet Network is the most technologically advanced white labeled freights exchange platform that helps shippers and carriers to do business together. It can be used in almost any country around the world and is 90% based on A.I.

A favorite project to our heart, Corrios is the gate for entrepreneurs from around the World which would like to import high quality products meeting Romanian manufacturers through an easy to use B2B platform.

Our partnership with MyPOS from London, enabled us to provide our Romanian business customers with a complete solution for card processing: virtual terminals, POS terminals and a secure environment for accepting card payments.

Analyzing our full portfolio of brands you will understand that Corio is actually covering a complete chain. From an ERP software that helps manufacturers to organize better and increase their production capacity with the same resources, to retaild, drop shipping, card processing, product delivery, or e-fulfillment services.

We get involved in different projects that matches our vision of improving businesses and peoples life. Our main goal is to use Artificial Intelligence in more than 85% of all our business processes. We work everyday on improving software applications that can help entrepreneurs to get control over their business.


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